Hey folks! We are Nova and Azer, a married couple currently traveling around the world by hitchhiking and camping. We quit our jobs and sold everything we had, for doing what we love as free as possible. Traveling slowly without making plans, we're learning how to enjoy a minimalistic road life that we only got our backpacks. We love shooting photos and videos to document our journey. And in this website, we're sharing them along with the stories behind. You can find more details about us in the About page. Enjoy ❤️

Havana / Cuba, February 2016

An Awkward Cuba Dream

You can always turn the reality to a dream, maybe an awkward dream?

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California / USA, April 2016

Long Weekend in Southern California

Exploring Joshua Tree and some gems around it

Papua / Indonesia, February 2016

The Raja Ampat Archipelago

The first week of one month long absurd hitchhiking adventure in Papua, Indonesia.

California / USA, August 2015~August 2016

Weekend Escapes in North California

Exploring Northern California by low-budget road-trips from Point Reyes to Yosemite

Alaska / USA, October 2015

Once Upon A Time In Alaska

A three weeks journey to Alaska's nature and cultures

Bali / Indonesia, April 2015


What would Indu people do in a sunny, beautiful sunday morning? Of course they'd celebrate!

Southeastern Anatolia, January 2015

Two Winters of Hasankeyf

Exploring the ancient middle-eastern town located along the Tigris River

Turkey - Syria Border, January 2015

A Refugee Camp

Moments from the new years day in a refugee camp on Kobane and Turkey border.